Armand Petersen

Alberic Collin

Charles Artus

Herbert Haseltine

Anna Hyatt Huntington

Wilhelm Krieger

Edouard Marcel Sandoz

Rembrandt Bugatti

Jeanne Piffard

Francois Pompon

Dogs, Cats and Other Best Friends

Chapeau à Frankfurt

En Passant, The Staedel Museum

Mark Coreth | Sculpting the Wild

Mark Coreth | Reflections on Past Encounters

Mark Coreth & Lost-wax Casting

Mark Coreth | The Ice Bear Project

Edouard Martinet | Insectophile

Mario Dilitz | Studio

Johnny Hawkes | Chasing the Line

Masterpiece 2022

Rose Corcoran | Alphabet of Animals

Kensuke Fujiyoshi | New Porcelain Sculpture

Nic Fiddian Green: Moonlight Marble

Nic Fiddian Green: The Arabian Horse

Nic Fiddian Green: ‘Still Water’ 22ft at Cowdray Park

Nicola Lazzari | Recent Sculpture

Birds in Sculpture – Antique to Contemporary

Les Animaliers 1900 to 1950

‘The Evolution of Equine Sculpture’

Masterpiece 2019

Bugatti – The Intoxication of Speed

2018, Masterpiece

Rodin et ses contemporains

2017, Masterpiece

Rodin’s Burghers – Under The Spotlight

2015, Masterpiece

Reflections on Bugatti, 2014

Rembrandt Bugatti – The Sculptor 1884-1916

Troubetzkoy – The Belle Epoque Captured in Bronze