Nic Fiddian Green- ‘Sculpted in Stone’

The Sladmore Gallery are delighted to announce an exhibition of new carvings by Nic Fiddian Green, showcasing a unique body of work carved from semi-precious stones over the last three years.

Using materials such as jade, lapis lazuli, malachite, chrysoprase chalcedony and Carrara marble, this exhibition unites Nic’s early interest in carving from his moving encounter with the Elgin marbles and Horse of Selene in 1982 to his ongoing fascination with the equine motif which has passionately persisted in the forty years to today. The striking uniqueness of these works, through both their material and form, offers a tactile and intimate visual experience for the viewer, informed by the immediacy of their hand-carved finish as well as the individuality and timelessness of the rare materials.

About The Artist

It is not enough to say that Nic Fiddian Green is Britain’s most accomplished and innovative equestrian sculptor. His huge bronze horses’ heads at Hyde Park Corner and on Trundle Hill above Goodwood, and in many private collections all over the world have literally elevated equestrian art to a new level. To encounter that astonishing bronze on Trundle Hill was to become part of a tableau in which the huge head’s hooded eyes gazed away from the distant spire of Chichester Cathedral, as if on the mythic battlefields of Troy.

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