Mark Coreth: Reflections on Past Encounters

The past two years have afforded Mark a great deal more time to spend working on sculptures in the studio.

With global travel being off-limits, Mark has been given a period to reflect on past visits to Africa and Asia and the various animals he has encountered along the way. This enforced separation has allowed Mark to focus on the very essence of the Elephants, Leopards and other animals in this exhibition of new work.  A catalogue will be available in mid-October.

About The Artist

Mark Coreth’s work reflects his instinctive understanding of the moods of the animals he sculpts. His success as a sculptor is borne of an acute and perceptive eye, coupled with the wealth of experience gained during his early years in Kenya and from his travels ever since to observe animals in their natural habitat. Mark’s working methods include modelling in clay direct from his subjects, live in the field; a practice which vividly translates into the fluid and impressionistic nature of his sculpture, capturing both the spirit of the animal but also that of their environment. His work ranges from small, intimate field-studies to life-size and monumental sculpture.

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