Mario Dilitz 2018

We present a selection of current sculpture by Mario Dilitz.

Mario’s powerful and beautiful sculptures combine traditional sculptural knowledge with supreme carving and modelling skills.


About The Artist

Mario Dilitz is internationally renowned for his carved sculptures of the human figure. Dilitz does not set out a narrative to his work, preferring to leave the viewer to reflect on what they see in his sculptures. Dilitz lives and works in Axams, Austria where his carving studio is based. Dilitz’s wood sculptures are made distinct with the coloured glue he uses to painstakingly join the narrow blocks of wood. The final, delicate surface, with the individual characteristics of the wood grain is what transforms of every single sculpture, even in the case of series, into a remarkable and unique masterpiece. His wood figures are made in small series of unique pieces of each subject. He also produces work in bronze in close collaboration with a foundry in Italy.

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