April 28th – May 28th 1999

From Barye, through to Bugatti, the Sladmore Gallery seeks to showcase leading 20th century sculptors who drew inspiration from the animal world. It therefore gives us great pleasure to present this collection of bronzes by the important Belgian artist Albéric Collin (1886-1962), the first solo exhibition of his work since his Antwerp retrospective in 1955.

Collin matured as an artist at a time when the avant-garde styles of the turn of the twentieth century had been assimilated into a modernist ‘lingua franca’. Elements of Impressionism, Expressionism, Fauvism, Cubism and Futurism informed many artists’ work, and often threatened to become mere stylisations. Collin displays modernist concerns with abstract form, lively expressive texture, dynamic and inventive outline and articulated volume; yet he avoids the generic art deco formulas of some of his contemporaries, and achieves a distinctive sculptural personality of his own.

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