2021 – Nic Fiddian Green – Relocation of Still Water

Published - 21st May 2021

On Thursday 20th May Nic Fiddian-Green’s iconic sculpture of a Drinking Horse Head entitled ‘Still Water’ was moved from Marble Arch to pastures new. It is newly situated a short distance away at Achilles Way in Park Lane. This is the tallest free-standing bronze sculpture in London at 33ft high, weighing in at 20 tonnes.

After 10 years at Marble Arch this sculpture, much loved by Londoners and foreign tourists alike, created by Nic especially for the city is to remain in the Westminster area.

Its new home is a short trot down Park Lane to the grass beside Achilles Way, just north of Hyde Park Corner. This is to accommodate the ‘Marble Arch Mound’ which will be erected over the course of the summer.

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