Troubetzkoy – The Belle Epoque Captured in Bronze

Published - 18th Nov 2008

In 2008, Sladmore Gallery curated an exhibition of over 20 works by the Russian Émigré sculptor Prince Paul Troubetzkoy. Entitled ‘La Belle Époque Captured in Bronze’ the show examined the work of this extraordinary sculptor.  This film features an interview with Edward Horswell, Director of the Sladmore Gallery, discussing the exhibition.

Paul Troubetzkoy’s fame rests largely on his portrait-statuettes of the fashionable personalities of his time, drawn from the cosmopolitan world to which the artist belonged and which he helped define. Restlessly moving across continents, he observed high society in an age of upheaval, vividly recording wherever he went an elite which chronicles profound historical change. The virtuosity of his modelling technique is as seductive today as it was when he first developed it, arousing the admiration of those who discover his animated surfaces and imparting a quality of life to his work which has seldom been equaled in sculpture.


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