Rodin et ses contemporains

Published - 8th Sep 2017

As one of the forefathers of modern sculpture, Auguste Rodin inspired and paved the way for generations of artists. In celebration of his extraordinary innovation and to mark the centenary year of his death, McArthurGlen in collaboration with the Sladmore Gallery presented ‘Rodin and his contemporaries’, an exhibition of 22 rare and iconic bronzes from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Set in McArthurGlen’s newly-opened outlet in Provence, curated by Edward Horswell, director of Sladmore and a leading authority on sculptures from the period, the exhibition was designed not only to capture Rodin’s energy, drama and emotion, but also to offer an insight into his influence on the work of his contemporaries and followers.

This film affords viewers an insight to this stunning installation and features an interview with sculpture expert Oliver Wootton.

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