Reflections on Bugatti, 2014

Published - 18th Nov 2016

The exhibition ‘The Art of Bugatti’ which was held at the Mullin Automotive Museum in Los Angeles was to recognize the undeniable contribution and significance of the work of the Bugatti family and to pay tribute to their enduring genius .

All the Bugattis exerted significant influence in their times and in various fields. The story of this family of artists, spanning at least three generations, is marked by failure and success, tragedy and triumph. Patriarch Carlo Bugatti, began the dynasty as a painter, musical instrument maker, master cabinet and furniture maker, and silversmith. Carlo’s son Rembrandt, respectfully named in honor of the great artist, was a renowned bronze sculptor, exhibiting his talent at an early age. Rembrandt’s brother Ettore took his technical and artistic genius to the world of automotive design. Grandson Jean followed in father Ettore’s footsteps in the automotive world.

This film, produces by the Mullin Automotive Museum on the occasion of the exhibition, features interviews with many experts in this field, including our gallery director Edward Horswell.

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