Staedel Museum, Frankfurt

4th Apr 2020 - 25th Oct 2020

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This exciting exhibition ‘Impressionism in Sculpture’ was held at Frankfurt’s Staedel Museum.

Following an initiative from the Sladmore, this exhibition has been wonderfully captured on film which you can view below. It is a gentle stroll through the show with absorbing, detailed footage of each exhibit. Covid travel restrictions prohibited most of us from visiting in person, so we hope this film goes some way to capturing the experience.

This comprehensive show comprised of 160 outstanding sculptures by artists including Edgar Degas, Auguste Rodin, Medardo Rosso, Paul Troubetzkoy, Emile Antoine Bourdelle and Rembrandt Bugatti. These are juxtaposed with impressionist paintings, pastels, drawings, prints and photographs by Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, Giovanni Segantini, Henri Matisse, Camille Claudel, and others.

The Sladmore Gallery is proud to have been involved in loaning works to this ground-breaking exhibition, as well as organising important loans from collectors around the world.

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En Passant, The Staedel Museum

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