2016, The Art of Bugatti

The Sladmore Gallery has loaned sculptures from its collections to the Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles, in addition to arranging loans from private collectors, for their exhibition ‘The Art of Bugatti’ which celebrates the extraordinarily gifted Bugatti family.

‘The Art of Bugatti’ gives visitors an inside look at the history of the Bugatti family beginning with its patriarch, Carlo Bugatti, and his unique path through the arts which included a mastery of architecture, painting, Art Nouveau furniture design and silversmithing. The exhibition also explores the work of his sons, sculptor Rembrandt and carmaker Ettore Bugatti, as well as Ettore’s children.  For more information on the exhibition, please click here

Founded on June 11, 1994, The Petersen Automotive Museum explores the history of the automobile and its impact on American life and culture. The museum is housed in a historic building originally designed by Welton Becket. Following a $90 million renovation in 2015 there are now 25, new, state of the art galleries to visit and a stunning new interior.

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