Mark Coreth | Maquettes In Bronze

17th Apr 2024 - 26th Apr 2024

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We are delighted to present a new curated collection of bronze sculptures by Mark Coreth.

Since his successful exhibition here at the gallery last year, Mark has revisited some of the working models and maquettes used in the preparation of that exhibition to create a collection of sculptures on a more intimate scale. They capture his immediate representation of the animal and are infused with Mark’s energy and enduring enthusiasm for his subjects. All of Coreth’s bronzes, whether a small-scale study, a life- size or monumental piece, speak of the artist’s profound understanding of the animal’s character and movement.


Grady the Guide Dog

We are excited to announce a recently completed, commissioned piece: a masterful life-size bronze of Grady: an iconic sculpture for Guide Dogs. We will show the first in the edition at the Sladmore before it goes to its permanent home.  The life-size sculpture will be on show at the gallery from 17-19th April. Alongside this, we have Mark Coreth’s maquette for the large sculpture: a 20cm high model, which is an edition of 9 bronzes.

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9662Mark Coreth | Maquettes In Bronze

Stretching Panther, Grooming

Mark Coreth | Maquettes In Bronze

Bronze, edition of 9

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