2015, Jacques Chalom Des Cordes

Sladmore Gallery, London

1st Dec 2015 - 28th Jan 2016 , Sladmore Gallery, London

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After a long association with the eminent painter and collector Jacques Chalon des Cordes, the Sladmore Gallery is proud to host a rare opportunity to see his paintings, at this, his inaugural London exhibition.

An authority on the work of Rembrandt Bugatti, Jacques co-wrote the first catalogue raisonné and is an avid Bugatti collector. A man of extensive knowledge and learning, his areas of expertise include 18th century French furniture, the ceramicist Chaplet, the painter Kees van Dongen and Arab horses. His wealth of interests and his understanding of art are reflected in his own paintings, which move effortlessly between strikingly bold depictions of animals, incisive portraiture in a style whose origins reflect the modern masters and evocative landscapes depicting the west coast of Ireland and the south coast of France.

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