Into the Wild

3rd – 23rd December 2021

Sladmore St. James’s is currently displaying a selection of pieces for the home from the wildest corners of our planet from the nineteenth, twentieth centuries and from our contemporary stable.

The father of animalier sculpture Antoine-Louis Barye enabled the citizens of Paris to bring wild creatures into their homes, running wild and forever captured in bronze.  The people of Paris had largely not travelled to the Savannahs and jungles from where these animals came and they were to them truly magical exotic creatures.  This fascination with capturing the rush and emotion of our wild cousins in small scale to dance around our homes has remained unabated since the nineteenth century and today is up held by sculptors who still focus on creating jewel like pieces with the very best of casting methods.


Also on show will be a selection of original drawings by Rose Corcoran from her book ‘Alphabet of Animals’.

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