2015, Bugatti Father and Son

A rare opportunity to see the elaborate, exquisite furniture and silver of the ‘fin de siècle’ designer Carlo Bugatti alongside the sculptures of his talented son, Rembrandt.

The Bugatti family were an artistic dynasty, originally from Milan, who moved to the artistic hub of Paris in the early years of the twentieth century. This loan exhibition features works which have recently been exhibited at two major Museum exhibitions – the National Gallery in Berlin and the Mullin Automotive Museum, Los Angeles. Many of the exhibits are rarely seen works from private collections alongside pieces from the Sladmore Gallery collections. Highlights of the exhibition include Carlo Bugatti’s majestic ‘Throne Chair’ a supreme example of his unusual art nouveau style and from his son Rembrandt, the only known cast of a rare, early cast of a ‘Bellowing Bull’ with was produced in Milan, Italy.

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