Nic Fiddian Green USA Exhibition Spring 2024

Published - 12th Feb 2024

We are delighted to announce a major new exhibition of nine monumental sculptures ranging from 6ft – 18ft, situated in Wellington, Florida, USA. Nic Fiddian Green has been represented by the Sladmore Gallery for over 25 years. His work, which ranges between strikingly monumental and more intimate forms, is highly prized around the world in both public and private collections.

Upon attending art college in London in the early 1980s, Nic was greatly inspired by the teaching on classical notions of proportion and harmony, best shown in the carved works from the Ancient Greek period, such as the Parthenon Frieze at the British Museum. This grounding in classical practice gave him an appreciation for the natural world, which he began to articulate through the motif of the horse. For Nic, this subject was not only a highly relevant and historical one, but it provided an emotive platform for his expression. To this day, he continues to experiment with imagery of the equine form with an evolving passion that continues to break artistic boundaries and provide lasting impressions. His daring approach to scale enables the work to have a deeply contemporary feel, coupled with his exciting use of patina, striking stone carvings and bold installation environments.

The show will be taking place at Patagones Polo Club, situated at 4656 125th Ave South, FL 33449. A new 16ft highlight will also be located at the renowned Wellington International showgrounds, a few miles away. Whilst Nic’s work is already in a number of important American collections (such as the National Sporting Museum, Virginia), this is his first major exhibition in the USA since 2015.

The exhibition will be open by appointment from Friday 16th February and run until the end of April 2024. To visit, please contact the gallery or email directly.



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