Nic Fiddian Green exhibition, Sculpted in Stone, 25th May- 24th June 2022

Published - 25th May 2022

Forty Years ago, when Nic Fiddian Green began sculpting, he modelled clay, hammered lead and copper sheet, carved stone and cast bronze. He has always been a ‘hands-on’ artist and personal involvement in the creative process is a crucial aspect of his practice. This exhibition explores this aspect in relation to Nic’s carved works, a genre that links to the beginning of his artistic journey through his early interest in classical sculpture. Notably, a chance encounter in 1982 with the Horse of Selene at the British Museum launched Nic into an inspired exploration of the equine subject that he still works on today. Whilst passion for such sculpture has continued to inform his work in the forty years that have followed, his recent use of semi-precious stones and Carrara marble as platforms for his expression has offered a new dimension of originality and breadth to his practice. The striking uniqueness of these carvings, through both their material and form, offers a profound and intimate visual experience for the viewer, drawing notice to their timeless presence within contemporary environments. Through exploring Nic’s work in this fresh and unique context, it is possible to gain a greater understanding of his subject and his longstanding commitment to it.

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