2016, Jamie Coreth, awarded the Young Artist Award, BP Portrait Award

Published - 6th Feb 2016

June 2016, National Portrait Gallery, London

Congratulations to Jamie Coreth, the son of our sculptor Mark Coreth, who has been announced the winner of the ‘Young Artist Award’ at the BP Portrait Award. His portrait of Mark was painted entirely from life over the course of a month in the sculptor’s studio. The painting, titled ‘Dad Sculpting Me’ has a wonderful symmetry as it depicts Mark in the process of sculpting Jamie, whilst Jamie is painting him. Speaking of the project Jamie said ‘my father has influenced me greatly in my work, and given that it is a relatively strange thing for a sculptor to raise a painter, I thought it would be an interesting father and son project to make portraits of each other at the same time’.

To view further sculptures by Mark Coreth, please click here, and for more paintings by his son Jamie, please click  here

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