2019, Nic Fiddian Green Monumental Landscapes Book Launch

Published - 12th Sep 2019

Last night at the Saatchi Gallery, our Contemporary Gallery held the Launch of artist Nic Fiddian Green’s new publication Monumental Landscapes, a photographic repertoire emphasising the romance of Nic’s monumental works.

This book is a collaboration between Nic Fiddian Green and Richard Foster. Richard is a leading specialist in still life photography and moving image, Richard works with some of the world’s best magazines. He is also commissioned for numerous high profile campaigns with leading brands and agencies.

Nic is arguably Britain’s most accomplished and innovative equestrian sculptor. His monumental bronze horse’s head at Achilles Way, Park Lane, near Hyde Park Corner has literally elevated equestrian art to a new level. The various renditions of Horse at Water express what Nic describes as “just the simple idea of the beauty of a horse”.  Except that it is not simple. These heads have a sentient, alert quality, as if they know we’re watching them.

The book is available to buy for £50 + postage, for more information please contact our Contemporary Gallery at gallery@sladmore.com

Images © Richard Foster

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